A modern hot air roaster will typically have a gas burner heating the coffee beans directly, which means that the combustion products are drawn straight into the roasting chamber. The two main problems with this is that most of the combustion products are passed directly over the beans and more of the essential oils are lost and burnt away. This will have a derogatory effect on the flavour of the beans.

The thermal transfer roaster that we use emulates the old wood burning roasters. The roaster is of the indirect heat type. The roasting chamber is double skinned, thus minimising the scorching of the coffee beans, and guaranteeing an even roast. In these styles of roasters the drum is heated from below, so most of the combustion products are left on the outside of the drum as a thick coat of black carbon.

In order to ensure that every cup of coffee that our customer makes is of the highest quality production is controlled at every stage. Only the finest Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade coffee beans are used to produce our unique coffees.

Each batch is hand roasted to perfection, ensuring our customers receive the best quality possible



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