Croeso and welcome to the wonderful world of Teifi Coffee


50p per kilo sold is donated to charity.


We have sourced quality beans from around the world and developed four premium blends that have been master roasted to perfection, and are aimed to delight the taste buds of todays discerning coffee consumer. Sit back and enjoy your coffee in the knowledge that you have helped a local charity. 


Unlike many other coffees, ours are not mass produced, over roasted and bitter. Roasted to order in small batches ensure a consistent flavoursome brew is obtained every time. We encourage you to try all varieties.


Teifi Espresso - A double roasted Italian style blend that produces an excellent, rich espresso with a deep, thick crema creating a perfect base for a latte or cappuccino of great strength and character. Arabica bean base from Colombia and Brazil, finished with a small proportion of Vietnamese washed Robusta for zesty end notes. Very well balanced. Strength 4/5


Teifi 100% Arabica - Made with 100% high grade Arabica beans, predominantly Ethiopian (Djimmah) with a touch of Colombian and Nicaraguan beans for citrus notes. Producing a silky smoothness, sweet and nutty caramel body and soft, fruity acidity. Great as an espresso, or as a mellow cafetiere or filter. Strength 3/5


Teifi Dragon - Can you handle it? 100% Arabica from Central and South America (Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica), equalled in quantity with higher caffeine Vietnamese washed Robusta to liven up the palate. Taken as an espresso, it creates an awesome, chocolaty hit. Strength 5/5


Teifi Organic - Organic 100% Arabica single origin beans from Colombia. Producing a bold, velvety smoothness and dark caramel body. Perfect for a morning espresso or in a milk based drink. Strength 4/5





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